Group B from the Angling Study, September 2015

Last week saw the second group of military veterans with PTSD taken away for an overnight fishing trip to the Warren fishery in Stanford-Le-Hope. Once again we have recorded psychological scales, with regards to many potential symptom groups, both two weeks before and we will collect them again two weeks afterwards to analyse any potential change in these levels of distress.

The group was a mix of participants, some had fished before, others were complete novices. We brought in a team of professional angling coaches to guide the veterans and let them fish for two days and one night. Many good fish were caught, see below, and despite very poor weather the participants reported enjoying the trip.


There will be many more pictures and some results to follow once I have collated all the information, please return to the website for frequent updates. If you would like to become involved with these studies please drop me an email, best wishes Mark.

September 2015 – Second angling study group.

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