Dr Mark Wheeler

Chartered Psychologist

Dr Wheeler is an award winning chartered psychologist who has worked with many client groups in both the NHS and private practice. He is a multi-trained therapist with accreditation in many different therapeutic approaches. Whilst studying for his PhD in Psychology at the University of Essex Dr Wheeler was awarded the prestigious University Best Impact Research Award (Science and Health) and was presented this award Melanie Knetsch, from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

Since completing his PhD, which concentrated on the reduction of PTSD symptoms in military veterans, Dr Wheeler has continued to research the effectiveness of the intervention he designed Peer Outdoor Exposure Therapy (POET). He has also set up the Institute of Countryside and Angling Research Projects (iCARP). With Dr Nick Cooper a Cognitive Neuroscientist with a PhD in Psychology as Applied to Medicine from Imperial College. He is a senior lecturer and Academic Director of the Centre for Brain Science at the University of Essex. iCARP will continue to explore the benefits of both POET and other outdoor group activities on the symptoms of PTSD and other mental health disorders.

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I have known Mark Wheeler for several years now.  I have always been impressed by his enthusiasm, ability and empathy.  He is a skilled researcher and a caring, effective counsellor, not to mention a genuine, good person.  Mark’s work with Military Veterans with PTSD is innovative and timely, and his results are excellent.

Dr Nick Cooper

Centre for Brain Science, Department of Psychology University of Essex

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