Couple therapy for depression

Couple therapy for depression is a short-term (usually up to a maximum of 20 sessions) therapeutic treatment for depression for couples where there is both relationship distress, and depression in one or both partners. It is mainly based on behavioural couple therapy but also utilises strategies from other types of couple therapies that have been shown to be effective. It focuses on the facets of depression that concern others around you and on aspects that reduce stress and increase support within the couple. This could contain goals such as cultivating communication, managing feelings, altering behaviour, augmenting problem-solving skills and stimulating acceptance within the couple. It is quite an interactive and collaborative form of therapy and couples are required to do ‘homework’ between sessions.

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I have known Mark Wheeler for several years now.  I have always been impressed by his enthusiasm, ability and empathy.  He is a skilled researcher and a caring, effective counsellor, not to mention a genuine, good person.  Mark’s work with Military Veterans with PTSD is innovative and timely, and his results are excellent.

Dr Nick Cooper

Centre for Brain Science, Department of Psychology University of Essex

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