Attachment Focused Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (AF-EMDR)

AF-EMDR is person centred and emphasises a reparative relationship based therapeutic intervention combining;

  • Resource tapping – to strengthen clients and repair developmental deficits.
  • EMDR to process traumatic memories.
  • Talk therapy to integrate the processing from the sessions and provide relief through client-therapist connections.

AF-EMDR amplifies the use and advantage of standard EMDR and is best utilised with patients who are less receptive to traditional protocols due to the nature of their trauma and attachment deficits. The type of deficits include;

  • Childhood abuse
  • Neglect
  • Early years loss
  • Traumatic birth and perinatal trauma
  • Medical based trauma
  • Parental alcohol or drug abuse
  • Vicarious trauma
  • Caregiver miss-attunement

Typically patients within these groups often present in therapy with depression, relationships in crisis or career problems. Childhood trauma has impacted on their sense of safety and subsequently has adversely effected their ability to form close emotional relationships now they are adults.

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Mark. Thanks for a great day. I was quite sceptical about coming and nearly gave it a miss, but thank god I didn’t. Although I didn’t do the falconry (by choice) the archery was excellent and the company was great. I never thought I would stand in front of a film camera or speak to a reporter, but I did – which was a challenge in its self. The day certainly perked me up and I had NO thoughts of past bad memories at all as I do every normal day. If you could bottle up what we did in that one day and issue it out as medication for PTSD sufferers daily it would be a magic cure. Unfortunately that cannot happen but one things for sure it made me smile, happy and if I could utilise a farmers field to use a bow and arrow I would take it up. Please thank all those involved in the set up and the university including all your hard work jumping over obstacles to make veterans like me who do suffer daily feel recognised and most of all making our day a better day

Tony (age 54)

Ex Paratrooper

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